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Las Posadas Explained…

Around the world, many traditions have developed to help communities prepare for and celebrate Christmas. In Mexico, one tradition is Las Posadas – The Lodgings (or Inns). For the nine days before Christmas, people dress up and re-enact Mary and Joseph’s attempts to find lodging on their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Each day they process to two or three houses (with an attendant donkey, of course!) and in song they ask for lodging. The ‘inn keepers’ fail to recognise Mary and Joseph and refuse the weary travellers entry, and they make their way to the next Posada.

At the final ‘inn’ of the evening Mary and Joseph are recognised and welcomed. Then it’s party time with food, singing, prayers and carols – and the next day they do it all over again.

A number of years ago, a version of Las Posadas was introduced to the UK. Instead of people, the crib figures of Mary and Joseph are hosted by households and families throughout Advent. Mary and Joseph join each household in their daily activities, which can be written down and shared.

This Advent Las Posadas is coming to the churches across Oban and Lorn area! We have special knitted crib figures of Mary and Joseph (and an attendant donkey, of course!). Setting out from Oban Parish Church on Advent Sunday, Mary and Joseph will stay in a different ‘inn’ every night until they return to St John’s Episcopal Cathedral on Christmas Eve at 3pm for the Christmas celebrations at our Crib Service.

You can follow their journey on this website. Simply head back to the home page and click on ‘blog’ to see what they’ve been up to.

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