Knitivity Posters

You are invited to make your own journey around Oban this advent.

Around Oban there are 8 posters in shop windows or on doors.

It is your job, should you choose to accept it, to find all 8 posters, to read the advent story, and to perhaps use the time to think about what it means to go on a journey.

Some questions you might like to think about: What does it means to make a long journey? What sort of preparations would you need to make? How would you feel leaving if you had to leave your home for a trip that might be weeks? What would you take with you? What would you miss? How would you feel if you there was no where to stay when you arrived at your destination? What might have been the best thing/hardest thing for Mary and Joseph as they travelled?

Some clues as to where the posters will be:

  1. A place where you can get symbols or logos put onto clothing.
  2. You might need to visit this shop if you’re wanting to catch some fish.
  3. You would come here to pray, or for a service, or at Christmas and you might hear a bell from here. It has a door the colour of Santa’s outfit.
  4. You can buy things here, things for your kitchen, things for your home, and it’s painted the colour of the sun.
  5. You might buy a gift here, or something to remember your trip by if you were a visitor to Oban.
  6. If you get hungry then you can get a snack here, but they also sell clothes that are from years ago.
  7. It has a very Scottish name, and it’s a place you can buy clothes. It looks out over the bay and you can see the ferries from here.
  8. Another place you can pray, another place where you might go for a service, though very similar to the third place, it is at the opposite end of town.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers)


  1. Katya Embroidery
  2. Anglers Corner
  3. St John’s Episcopal Cathedral Oban
  4. McDoughall’s
  5. Oban Bay Gifts and Souvenirs
  6. Retrophenia
  7. MacIntyre’s
  8. Oban Parish Church
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