Mary and Joseph’s Journey

Read all about the various adventures that our knitted Mary, Joseph and Donkey have been getting up to as they journey ever closer towards Christmas Day and the birth of Jesus.


Mary and Joseph are delighted to announce the safe arrival of a baby boy, named Jesus. He arrived just a short time ago and is now soundly asleep having had a good feed. It was cold in the stable but we have plenty of blankets to keep him warm. Baby and mother are both doingContinue reading “Announcement!”

Blessings to All…

Mary, Joseph and the Donkey were very sad that everyone wasn’t gathering at the Cathedral Crib Service on Christmas Eve. They had been dropped off from their final hosts, having had a most excellent time, and they had a sad moment seeing the Cathedral with all of you missing. It was a very difficult decision toContinue reading “Blessings to All…”

The Bedtime Express

We were welcomed very enthusiastically by our next hosts, Faith, Sarah and Campbell. We had a good relax when we arrived, tired after our travels, especially Mary who is now getting close to her due date. Once we had rested we had a fabulous treat in store for us. We got to ride on theContinue reading “The Bedtime Express”

Route Planning

We had a wonderful time with our next hosts. They had such glorious views out of their house and we spent a thoughtful day with them. We had a lot of conversation about journeys, hearing about the journeys they’d been on, and talking about our journey too. They showed us the most fabulous map ofContinue reading “Route Planning”

Choir and Coffee

Having arrived at St John’s Cathedral with our previous host, John, we were given pride of place at the front of church, just under the advent candle. From here we were able to see the whole service really well, and to engage in all that was said and done. After the service we met ourContinue reading “Choir and Coffee”

Oranges and Elves

Well, we were excited to meet our next host, Caroline and Cara . As soon as we arrived we knew that this was going to be a wonderful and busy visit. Our time started off with lots of playing, much moving around, and then sitting down and listening to stories which were read to us.Continue reading “Oranges and Elves”

Candles and Conversations

We joined our hosts, Peter and Joy, and we were welcomed into the warmth. (The weather’s been pretty bad but it’s amazing how dry you stay when you’re travelling by car, or safely tucked away in full waterproofs!). We were given pride of place where their nativity set will eventually go when it is time.Continue reading “Candles and Conversations”


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